Trends in Education 2018

This document presents an overview of the trends currently at play in education, particularly in Latin America, with the purpose of providing documents and information to education unions affiliated with the Education International, to assist them in the formulation of alternative public education policy to counter neoliberal proposals, and, additionally, to complement their research and the compilation of data to assist in the struggle against the privatization and commercialisation of education in each country.

The Education International Latin America Regional Committee developed the Latin American Education Policy Observatory (OLPE for the initials in Spanish), which has systematized the positions and political-educational approaches of governments, international financial institutions, private institutions and social organizations to provide an assessment on the current state of education and, in particular, current trends influencing this sector.

The elaboration of this document was made possible thanks to the participation of the Latin American Education Policy Observatory team.

English 2018 95 pages, Size 21 x 27 cm